Our Shetland sheep are our hardy little animals that keep us constantly on our feet and entertained. Shetlands are far from your picture of dumb, passive, and easily led sheep. They are crafty, energetic, and know right away when you have a plan and it involves them! They can be your best friend when you have a treat or are willing to give some scratching, but when they have lambs to protect and defend they become quite feisty!

Currently, we have six registered ewes and one registered ram.

2014 lambs are expected in April.


Four Winds Martinique




Four Winds Josephina

Four Winds Josephina S34656

Four Winds Aruba

Four Winds Aruba S31896

Four Winds Ophelia

Four Winds Ophelia S30327

Twin Springs Raina S16288

Twin Springs Raina S16288

Four Winds Adah

Four Winds Tirzah S34654











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