Currently taking orders for lamb to be processed in September/October.

Grassfed Lamb

Our lamb is raised on mother’s milk and 100% pasture diet with the free choice offering of Redmond salt, kelp, and fresh garlic. Free of chemical wormers, antibiotics, vaccinations, etc. We continually select and retain ewes that are hardy to all our weather, forage, and parasite conditions having excellent mothering instincts enabling them to produce strong, healthy, productive lambs. Our lambs are sold live directly to customers who have pre-ordered. In the fall when lambs are ready for processing we take the pre-ordered lambs to the processor, currently Dee Jays in Fredericktown. Our customers contact the processor and let them know their custom cutting preferences. When the lamb is ready for pick-up, the processor contacts the customers and they pick-up their lamb and pay processing costs. We send a separate bill for the live lamb. We currently sell our lambs for $1.25/lb. live weight with orders being taken in the spring (or earlier) for the fall (Sept./Oct.)

By double clicking on the image below you can see the image larger. This image is just to give you an idea on the different possibilities for processing each cut.


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