Current fiber projects.

Around the house on these cold winter days, each of us girls has several fiber projects going on.

Mom is working on: spinning some blue-faced/shetland fiber that she blended with silk noils and glitz, washing up Josephina’s rooed fleece from this year, as well as learning the technique of knitting two socks at once from the toe up with some hand spun and dyed Shetland wool.img_2583_002img_2613img_2619img_2624

I am spinning up the last of my angora fiber as well as getting my next fleece (Adah’s) ready to process.img_2597_001img_2596_001img_2614Elaine has been spinning some Shetland that she dyed emerald a few weeks ago. She also just finished knitting some beautiful leg warmers (I don’t have pictures of them though).img_2599_001img_2600_001

I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture, but some areas of the fiber are on the greener side of emerald and some areas are on the bluer side, making the finished product variegated.

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