Cold Snap.

Well, we survived the cold snap and are now enjoying this nice balmy 40 degree weather. It has been such a nice reprieve after 40 bellow zero with wind chill. Makes me wish for rain showers, digging in the dirt, and baby lambs. Of course, I really can’t complain about the cold; it gives us an opportunity to slow down and catch our breath.

Here are just a few pictures ( well…. that may be a stretch; whenever I am done posting, it never seems to be just a few pictures ) of the cold snap as it was coming in.img_2231_001I am not sure how this little guy is staying warm.img_2183_001Cloe, braving the bitter cold with me.img_2211_001img_2247_001Coming down for feeding.img_2260_001img_2262_001img_2266_001Elaine petting Raina.img_2267_001img_2269_001Elaine and Mercy.img_2277_001img_2278_001img_2286_001img_2289_001I really like this shot.img_2293_001img_2303_001Contentedly chowing down on supper.c


Like I said, just a few photos. ;)

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