Another dying experiment.

We have been playing around with some different dying recently, this time we tried dip dying. We were thrilled with the results!

The three colors we used were yellow, turquoise, and fuchsia. Mom dyed gray skeins and I dyed white. First, we dipped a third of the skeins into the yellow and let that set. You can see how the two different shades of wool picked up the color slightly differently.img_7914_001Next  we dipped two thirds of the skeins into the blue dye (over dying the yellow). That caused the yellow to turn green (we actually were not expecting that drastic of a color change, but we were really happy with the results).img_7919_001Once that had set, we put the entire skein into the fuchsia. img_7926_001The results were a very pleasant surprise, kind of like Christmas in August!img_7932_001img_7956_001img_7960_001


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