More Chicks

We have picked up our next batch of chicks.

These are a new breed of broilers that we are trying. They are called Rainbow Rangers. They grow slower than the regular broilers and are more active foragers, which is very appealing to us, knowing they will consume more greens and bugs than the standard white broilers. We hope that they work out and are cost effective._mg_7393_001_mg_7378_001_mg_7377_001

Look no wings!_mg_7372_001

And this is one of the regular broilers. They are so tiny. I took these photos when this chick was 3 days old.


One thought on “More Chicks

  1. Phwew! That’s a relief. For a minute, I thought the smooshed thing on the tire was the chick. I know you guys get pretty real down there on the farm, but that seemed a bit much even for the farm.

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