We have had two birthdays this month, Mom’s, on the first, and Lydia’s, on the sixteenth.

These are Mom’s birthday pictures.img_3428_001

Dinner: pancetta, white bean, and Swiss chard pot pies. It was sooo good. The delicious, flaky crust was the best part.img_6719_001img_6720_001

Mom’s birthday this year was a “Smitten Kitchen” birthday. All the recipes came from this cookbook.


Elaine lighting candles.img_3430_001

My beautiful mom.img_3438_001

Elaine and I had two different cakes we wanted to make, and we could not decide which to  make, so we made both: Smitten Kitchen’s Bee Sting cake and Tiny but Intense Chocolate Cake.img_3435_001

The Cooks.img_3455_001

The grazing. img_3458_001

And these are Lydia’s birthday pictures.

This was the cutest looking white chocolate truffle that Mom got for Lydia._mg_7019_001

Demitasse espresso cups._mg_7021_001_mg_7027_001



Photo credits: Mom’s birthday pictures were taken by the lovely and talented Lydia. The picture of Lydia opening a present was taken by Matthew.

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