Baling Hay

It’s baling hay time!

The freshly cut field.img_6252_001img_6524_001

Robins were everywhere while I was taking pictures.img_6521_001

We have been taking on more of the responsibility of getting the hay baled this year to help lighten up Dad’s workload. (Actually I should specify that it is only Elaine and Matthew who are helping. I am very grateful that they do not need me to help with the hot, sticky, sweaty, dirty very rewarding experience of┬ábaling.) It seems only a short time ago that we were running along with the wagon playing while Mom, Dad, and Jason baled. How things have changed.

My not so little brother.img_6433_001

Elaine and Matthew work so well together.img_6438_001

I finally got a picture of Matthew snagging a bale.img_6476_001img_6477_001

This photo turned out interesting. I did not realize I caught that bird in there.img_6474_001


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