Gardening update

We had to replace a few of our tomatoes and peppers that were hit by the cold spell that we had a couple of weeks ago, and planted all of our hot peppers.img_6216_001img_6217_001img_6371_001img_6395_001


The garlic and onions are doing well. The garlic should be sending up scapes soon. Yah! And the onions are big enough we can start thinning them to use in cooking and salads.img_6380_001img_6368_001


Basil was another plant that we replaced because the cold was just too much for it. We are always so anxious to get things planted and growing that some times we get a few things out a little too early. Normally the protection that we provide when the weather is predicting a cold night is enough to get the warm weather plants through, but we had it exceptionally cold and very little warming during the day to help store up more heat for the next cold evening.                              img_6383_001

The herb bed has been flourishing! Especially the mint.img_6384_001


Poor chives!img_6385_001


In the raised beds we have planted: garlic, peppers, spinach, rosemary, and beets. The bed on the left we have cabbage and cauliflower. Our fence is to keep out our wonderful sweet cat who likes to tear holes in our protective covering and crawl inside because it is a nice cozy shelter in there. (She is really a sweet cat and we love her. Just not when she messes with our garden).img_6386_001

Come strawberries, come.img_6387_001

We are so grateful that the asparagus came up so nicely this year. Now we just have to wait two more years until we can actually harvest some.img_6389_001

This is where our peas are planted. As you can tell from the picture, I think we are growing more weeds, volunteer potatoes, and dill than actual peas.img_6394_001

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