Just a bunch of random pictures.

Our peach tree. Fruit blossoms are so pretty.img_5774_001img_5841_001img_5772_001

It is always nice to see the sheep on green pasture after so much dry hay.img_5756_001img_5762_001img_5758_001img_5808_001img_5809_001img_5811_001img_5859_001img_5886_001

I am not sure if he is trying to be insulting or cute.img_5917_001img_5952_001img_5905_001img_5507_001 img_5509_001 img_5545_001 img_5549_001

While I was out taking pictures of the sheep, I saw this squirrel. They just amaze me.img_5958_001img_5967_001img_5986_001

This is the ewe who’s fleece we dyed the aztec gold.img_5945_001

Happy spring!img_5990_001

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