Mom and I have tried to dye several times in the past without phenomenal success. All we would get was slightly funny colors and coarse fiber. But, because dyeing is really neat, we decided to try again, and this time they came out really nice!

Here is my Angora bunny fiber.img_5318_001And this is the raw fiber of one of the fleeces mom used. Both of the fleeces that she used where blue-faced crosses.img_5315_001This is the very soft combed fiber of each of the fleeces. The one on the right is the same as above and  will be periwinkle, the one on the left will be aztec gold._mg_5393_001The Angora cooking in periwinkle._mg_5321_001Mom’s fleece._mg_5379_001Here are both of them finished and dried._mg_5619_001img_5624_001And now this is the second batch. Aztec gold._mg_5566_001_mg_5557_001_mg_5597_001_mg_5672_001The periwinkle we are planning on blending with some of Jemima’s wool, a black fleece with some graying._mg_5606_001Starting in the upper left hand corner and moving clockwise is the aztec gold by itself, the periwinkle by itself, the black mixed with the blue, the black by itself, or the black mixed with the gold. And in the center is the blue and gold mixed together._mg_5644_001

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