The rabbit is shorn.

I have now, for the first time, clipped my Angora rabbit. Excluding waste, I got 4 oz. worth of fiber. It is so exciting to finally have fiber off of him.

So this is what he looked like before I clipped him.img_5186_001

Me working on clipping him.img_5214_001

Ohhh! Look how soft it is .img_5215_001

About a third of the way done.img_5226_001


And now he is shorn.img_5243_001img_5248_001

He was very patient with me learning what was the best way to clip him. As you can see it looks pretty choppy so I still have a bit of learning to do, but boy is he glad to have it off!

(photo credits for the second third and fourth picture: Matthew Nowakowski)

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