Finally! More Shetlands.

Two more of our Shetlands have lambed. The binoculars have been sitting at the window for several days now. Every few hours we look out to see if there are any new lambs. (We’re not at all anxious for more Shetland babies are we?)

Ophelia with her triplets. Well, you can not quite see all three. If you notice the blue on the one lambs leg, that is a splint. While doing chores the other evening we found that one of the ram lamb’s was not walking on one of his legs. When we caught him we discovered that the little guy had somehow broken his leg.img_5094_001


Elaine, she loves taking care of the baby lambs.img_5101_001img_5103_001img_5102_001


Lambing season is the best time to work with the ewes in getting them to become friendlier. When you grab the lambs the mamas will come up to you and you can work on getting them used to your smell and being handled. Ophelia is one of our best moms.img_5107_001


Josephina and her two little rams.img_5162_001


I would like to take a moment here to explain how Josephina got her name.  She was born a triplet on a very cold day.  We went out to check the lambs and found her colder and weaker than her brother and sister. We felt if we did not get her warmed up she was not going to make it. So she was brought inside and we cut the sleeve off of a sweater that was destined for Goodwill and put it on her to help her stay warm.img_4045Because of the colorfulness of the sweater it made us think of Joseph in Genesis and his coat of many colors, so, all we did was make the name feminine.

Again, Josephina’s rams. These two will probably fade out like their mom.img_5138_001img_5146_001


The co-mingling of the chickens with the sheep. I think chickens where made to live with sheep; they fit so perfectly together.img_5164_001img_5088_001img_5118_001

We always try to come up with fun or unique names for our Shetlands (like Josephina), These are two ewe lambs from Adah that we need names for. Any suggestions? They were born on Easter Sunday.img_5158_001

2 thoughts on “Finally! More Shetlands.

  1. Robin sent me the hook up to your blog – its just great – love the comments, pictures = the whole thing – the colors you guys did are beautiful – it seems I never have time to do stuff like that – ahhhhhh – I did go to Robins last Tue to spin – only Rita and I were there but it was great….I don’t go on sundays since its Rosys only day off………….miss you guys – hugs annie

  2. Thanks Annie, miss you too. Planning on making it to the guild meeting and hopefully to a Tues. at Robin’s sometime. Blessings.

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