More lamb pictures

I can never take enough pictures of the lambs. They are just such adorable, precious, little creatures.img_4883_001img_4898_001

This is Molasses and her baby Blackstrap.img_4888_001img_4903_001

The way the lambs will imitate their parents so fast is amazing.img_4911_001img_4912_001img_4919_001img_4928_001img_4936_001img_4942_001Once the lambs are about a week old they start “the wave” (i.e. all the lambs grouped together, running and jumping as fast as they can, looking like a wave moving across the pasture). While the moms eat, the lambs play!img_4863_001img_4864_001img_4865_001img_4867_001img_4876_001

This is our quad mom. She is probably one of our most laid back (content) ewes out there. That lamb that is up by her mouth keeps trying to lick her.img_4952_001If you will notice with this picture, the lamb on her back has a blue tag, so it is not her lamb. I think she has so many she can’t always tell who’s is hers running around and who’s isn’t.img_4957_001

Our two Shetland lambs. We are still anxiously waiting for more, but all of our Shetland ewes seem to be holding out on us.img_4972_001img_4977_001img_4995_002img_4997_001Ooooh, they are just too adorable.

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