Crocuses are up, robins are singing, and lambs are here! Spring has definitely reached us, though the weather, I think, is trying to deny it. The lambs are so adorable, and we are excited that they are finally here.

Because lambs are so cute I tend to take many, many pictures, so, sorry, there are a lot to go through._mg_4542_001

Our first baby.img_4506_001

Our quad set. That poor mama, she is so confused with all those babies.img_4398_001img_4473_001img_4486_001img_4491_001

Mom and Dad, assessing the sheep.img_4444_001img_4415_001img_4439_001img_4438_001img_4432_001img_4430_001

This one surprised us. With two white parents we weren’t expecting black. But she is a cute, sturdy little thing.img_4691_001img_4688_001img_4705_001img_4708_001

These next two pictures are of our Easter babies.img_4687_001Though we love all are baby lambs, it is the Shetlands that we look forward to the most because of there diversity.

Adah and her two ewe lambs (the Shetlands are the only sheep we name).img_4701_001

2 thoughts on “Lambs!!!!!

  1. Joe suggested I look on here. So fun! It almost feels like I have made the real life visit I wish I would get around to making. Hugs all around!

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