Christmas 2012

These are several Christmas gifts we made for each other.

Matthew made a Turkish drop spindle for Mom, Elaine, and I. They were different sizes and made from different woods.

These two have cross pieces made from Osage orange.


This one is Elaine’s; the cross pieces are made from Bocote wood. This wood is native to Central America, mainly Mexico. The black swirls in the grain are really pretty.


I knit a beret for my sister Lydia. We both have this thing for hats.



It is made from angora and our Shetland fiber.The blue we hand dyed when we spontaneously decided to do some pot dying.

I also made Mom a cowl from some alpaca that I bought from a friend.



(Though this picture really does not do it justice. The colors look a lot cooler in person.)

And finally… Dad made a bookcase for Jason and Lydia. It turned out really, really nice.




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