Warming up

The birds are singing, the temperatures are fluctuating, the breeze is warmer….spring is coming!!! Now that it is getting warmer, I am able to go out and take a few pictures without my fingers freezing off.

Here are some that I took when we had our first warm up.img_3565_001This winter Matthew took over taking care of the ewes because he is able to drive the four wheeler every day is energetic and hard working (he really is :) ).img_3572_001img_3576_001img_3587_001img_3604_001img_3618_001img_3629_001img_3635_001Our ever present companion when we are up in the fields.img_3646_001img_3599_001img_3662_001img_3658_001img_3680_001Morning light makes everything look lovely.img_3650_001

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