A post….finally

I was looking at the blog the other day, and I realized it has been four months since our last post. Four months! Because of the limited light of winter and my job, I have not gotten out very much and taken any pictures lately. But really, I guess I am just making excuses.

The farm feels very still right now…peaceful. Probably the one thing that I really like about winter. I won’t to go through the detail’s of doing chores in cold, bitter weather, slogging though snow, because really, who likes to hear about that. Instead I will give you a beautiful promise of spring and new life.

Last spring I was wandering the pastures and discovered that one of our Shetland ewes (Josephina) was giving birth, and I was able to capture some of it on video. I hope it brings warmth and color to these cold, blank and sometimes dismal days of winter.

This all happened in about ten minutes. Enjoy :)