So I think it is high time you meet the newest addition to our family, Miss Clara Rose Nowakowski.img_8151_001I just may be a little biased, but isn’t she the cutest niece ever?!

The other week we decided that it’s always good to start them young, so we took her on a walk to introduce her to the sheep.img_8173_001

Uhh…Grandma?…the sun is in my eyes.img_8164_001img_8185_001img_8192_001The sky was majestic that evening.img_8202_001img_8216_001img_8236_001img_8237_001“Clara meet sheepees…sheepees meet Clara.”img_8255_001img_8272_001Just look at that face :), a future shepherdess!img_8281_001img_8286_001I can tell already…they are going to be buddies.img_8277_001