Spring’s Promise

The garden is really never more beautiful than in the spring. Vegetables all in their nice little rows; fresh, tender, green and mulched. Those young plants holding so much promise for the coming summer months. Months of endless weeding in hot, muggy, sticky weather, with a garden growing erratically out of control!! a bountiful harvest to fill our freezer and shelves with lots of food for the coming winter months.img_5919_001img_5770_001img_5890_001img_5898_001This year for Mom’s birthday Matthew made some wooden tomato cages.img_5901_001img_5762_001img_5907_001img_5911_001img_5914_001

We bought six more blueberry plants to finish our collection. (Though I think we all ended up agreeing that we would really like even more. We love our blueberries! )img_5928_001img_5938_001Soon….very soon….img_5939_001The locust trees are now in full bloom. When the sun is out the trees literally hum.img_5960_001A lovely white carpet.img_5956_001We were very blessed this year that even though we had lost almost eight hives over a period of two years, the one hive that did make it through the winter did really well, and we where able to split it into three hives.img_5945_001

Sweet Little Lambs

These pictures are a few weeks old now, but I thought they were adorable, and I wanted to share them :) may_7_2_018_001may_7_2_102_001may_7_2_107_001may_7_2_113_001Though I do love the awkward, gangliness of the Blue-faced lambs with their dumbo ears…I think I still prefer the sturdy, compact, little bodies of the Shetlands with their precious, little noses.may_7_2_116_001may_7_2_153_001may_7_2_157_001may_7_2_165_001