Matthew’s birthday.

We celebrated Matthew’s birthday early this year since he is going to be in Alaska over his birthday._mg_8089_001

Matthew, he is our handyman. If something brakes while he is gone, I don’t know what we are going to do._mg_8098_001

Happy 16th Matthew!img_8092_001

More Chicks

We have picked up our next batch of chicks.

These are a new breed of broilers that we are trying. They are called Rainbow Rangers. They grow slower than the regular broilers and are more active foragers, which is very appealing to us, knowing they will consume more greens and bugs than the standard white broilers. We hope that they work out and are cost effective._mg_7393_001_mg_7378_001_mg_7377_001

Look no wings!_mg_7372_001

And this is one of the regular broilers. They are so tiny. I took these photos when this chick was 3 days old.


A long post about various and random things happening on our farm.

We had a Carolina Wren’s nest in Dad’s shop and I got to get some pictures of the precious fledglings when they left the nest.img_6726_001img_6732_001

The ever watchful parent. His mouth is open because he is yelling at me. He’s probably trying to figure out what this creature is with the weird contraption by its head._mg_6746_001_mg_6762_001

This is one of the babies._mg_6755_001_mg_6750_001

The garden is doing well; we harvested some skapes and kale._mg_6801_001_mg_6809_001

Peas are doing great, and cucumbers are up! The thought of fresh cucumbers makes my mouth water.


One bigger thing that happened recently on the farm was that we took down our Maple tree in front of the house.

Here it is.img_6237_001

Here it isn’t.img_7004_001

Two reasons for removing the tree: First, it was damaging this pine tree. Second, and most importantly, it was damaging the house.img_7012_001img_7014_001

Some random sheep photos.

This ewe gave us one of our most beautiful fleeces this yearimg_6961_001


Rania’s ram lamb. My little photogenic boy.img_6960_001img_6953_001

You can tell they were just moved to new pasture; all their heads are to the groundimg_6941_001img_6949_001


Josephina’s ram lamb.img_6969_001

Enjoying the apple tree.img_6972_001

Adah’s ewe.img_6983_001