Our 30 tomato starts grew a lot quicker inside this year and needed to be put outside early.

We laid down black plastic to help keep the heat in since it is still chilly out. After they were planted we surrounded them with bales of hay and draped plastic over the bales to create a mini greenhouse.img_6129


Blue, trying to see what we are doing.img_6127

Mushroom hunting

We went mushroom hunting a couple days ago. It was a beautiful day. We are never really successful in finding mushrooms, but we enjoy the walks through our woods.

These are the pictures I took while walking.img_6053img_6057img_6060img_6063img_6067

My ever camera shy brother.img_6072

Taking a picture before he realizes.img_6077

My beautiful mom.img_6078img_6081img_6085img_6087


Some sheep pictures I took on the way down.



The fruits of our labor. Well not actually the “fruits” of our labor: mushrooms & ramps._mg_6015