More lamb pictures

I can never take enough pictures of the lambs. They are just such adorable, precious, little creatures.img_4883_001img_4898_001

This is Molasses and her baby Blackstrap.img_4888_001img_4903_001

The way the lambs will imitate their parents so fast is amazing.img_4911_001img_4912_001img_4919_001img_4928_001img_4936_001img_4942_001Once the lambs are about a week old they start “the wave” (i.e. all the lambs grouped together, running and jumping as fast as they can, looking like a wave moving across the pasture). While the moms eat, the lambs play!img_4863_001img_4864_001img_4865_001img_4867_001img_4876_001

This is our quad mom. She is probably one of our most laid back (content) ewes out there. That lamb that is up by her mouth keeps trying to lick her.img_4952_001If you will notice with this picture, the lamb on her back has a blue tag, so it is not her lamb. I think she has so many she can’t always tell who’s is hers running around and who’s isn’t.img_4957_001

Our two Shetland lambs. We are still anxiously waiting for more, but all of our Shetland ewes seem to be holding out on us.img_4972_001img_4977_001img_4995_002img_4997_001Ooooh, they are just too adorable.


Sunday was such a beautiful day that Elaine and I took a walk with Elaine’s pony Sunny. He just loved the attention.img_4833_001img_4799_001_mg_4798_001

We all learned to ride on Sunny when we were little, but now he does not get quite as much attention. As you can see, he is a little harder for us to ride now.img_4806_001


Monday we rented a rototiller (our’s somehow is always broken) and tilled our garden. We also: planted all our onions, transplanted all the starts in the house to bigger cups, and replanted more asparagus. Last year we planted a new bed of asparagus in the spring, but when we had the drought we forgot to water them and none sprouted. So this year we are trying again.


The new asparagus bed. We will slowly fill in the ditches as the sprouts come up.img_5061_001Fall planted garlic


A few weeks ago we planted some lettuce in our cold frame, and with this beautiful weather, it has come up.img_5032_001


Crocuses are up, robins are singing, and lambs are here! Spring has definitely reached us, though the weather, I think, is trying to deny it. The lambs are so adorable, and we are excited that they are finally here.

Because lambs are so cute I tend to take many, many pictures, so, sorry, there are a lot to go through._mg_4542_001

Our first baby.img_4506_001

Our quad set. That poor mama, she is so confused with all those babies.img_4398_001img_4473_001img_4486_001img_4491_001

Mom and Dad, assessing the sheep.img_4444_001img_4415_001img_4439_001img_4438_001img_4432_001img_4430_001

This one surprised us. With two white parents we weren’t expecting black. But she is a cute, sturdy little thing.img_4691_001img_4688_001img_4705_001img_4708_001

These next two pictures are of our Easter babies.img_4687_001Though we love all are baby lambs, it is the Shetlands that we look forward to the most because of there diversity.

Adah and her two ewe lambs (the Shetlands are the only sheep we name).img_4701_001