Several years ago we purchased a camper. After we brought it home, we realized that it had a lot of water damage. So…………we basically decided to rebuild the whole thing. We started dismantling it, and had it stripped down to its skeleton when we got stuck and stopped working on it. So for the past few years it has been just sitting.

Recently though, Matthew has gotten motivated to work on it. He has the upper frame of the camper hanging suspended in the top of our barn while he worked on rebuilding the base.






Next step, the top of the camper. That might be a little more scary.


A few weeks ago, we had a really windy night, and an apple tree fell down on the fence, so Matthew and I went to clean it up.

Matthew getting ready.img_0539


Trees and deer, they are what primarily destroy our fence insulators.img_0541


Good old Chloe, she knows something is in that tree.img_0544


Don’t know what…but there’s something.img_0546


And here’s Matthew cutting it up.img_0549img_0551


Some cool fungus. I think they look like noses.img_0553


And we’re done! Well not really…the chain saw blade went dull, so we had to stop.img_0557img_0558img_0559


THE MIGHTY CHAIN SAW!!!!!!!img_0560