Mama hen & her growing chick

It’s been many years since we have had a hen get broody, but this Black Australorp hen did just that this summer hatching out only one of the three eggs she was setting on. We’ve had a lot of fun watching the natural process take place, from laying to setting to hatching to mama’s training. This little chick has learned foraging much faster than her older pullet coop-mates from following and watching mama.

Young chick is in the forefront keeping up with the older hens foraging.

Breeding Groups

We’ve separated the ewes into three different breeding groups. We have our small flock of purebred Shetlands with our beautiful ram Martinique.

Martinique all the way to the left. Nice solid beautiful ram with a gorgeous set of horns.

We then have two groups that we call our more commercial flock. These are crossbred ewes all with a little Shetland in them for hardiness and the strong ability to thrive, then some with Dorset, Blue Faced Leicester, Cheviot, and Rideau Arcott. We use these ewes primarily for producing our meat lambs.

Our newest Blue Faced Leicester ram for breeding. Can’t wait to see his lambs!