Spring’s Promise

The garden is really never more beautiful than in the spring. Vegetables all in their nice little rows; fresh, tender, green and mulched. Those young plants holding so much promise for the coming summer months. Months of endless weeding in hot, muggy, sticky weather, with a garden growing erratically out of control!! a bountiful harvest to fill our freezer and shelves with lots of food for the coming winter months.img_5919_001img_5770_001img_5890_001img_5898_001This year for Mom’s birthday Matthew made some wooden tomato cages.img_5901_001img_5762_001img_5907_001img_5911_001img_5914_001

We bought six more blueberry plants to finish our collection. (Though I think we all ended up agreeing that we would really like even more. We love our blueberries! )img_5928_001img_5938_001Soon….very soon….img_5939_001The locust trees are now in full bloom. When the sun is out the trees literally hum.img_5960_001A lovely white carpet.img_5956_001We were very blessed this year that even though we had lost almost eight hives over a period of two years, the one hive that did make it through the winter did really well, and we where able to split it into three hives.img_5945_001


Good-by, good-by to Summer! For Summer’s nearly done; The garden smiling faintly, Cool breezes in the sun. (from “Robin Redbreast” by William Allingham)

With fall here things are starting to slow down, become still…peaceful. Most of the lambs are gone now, the garden is done, grass has stopped growing, the air has lost almost all of its warmth, the trees are only orange and brown, and there is a coating of frost on the ground every morning…yup winter is coming.

The 2014 garlic bed.img_1157_001

The blueberry patch getting protection from the rabbits who feed on them through the winter, and clearing out unsuccessful raspberries for more blueberry plants in the spring.img_1158_001

Our poor peas, struggling to survive the heavy frosts.img_1259_001img_1264_001


Doesn’t she have the sweetest face?img_1229_001img_1256_001img_1208_001img_1204_001

Foggy morning.

It is so beautiful to take walks when it is foggy out. There is a soft look to the air that gives you such a peaceful feeling.

Peas reaching…growing; the freshness makes your mouth water at the thought of peas.img_9065_001

We still have dill! It just keeps growing and growing and growing.img_9075_001img_9086_001Raina.img_9089_001img_9105_001

One of our sweetest and gentlest mamas. She even looks sweet. ;) img_9111_001Peace & contentment. img_9172_001Lambs separated for processing.img_9175_001img_9155_001

A long post about various and random things happening on our farm.

We had a Carolina Wren’s nest in Dad’s shop and I got to get some pictures of the precious fledglings when they left the nest.img_6726_001img_6732_001

The ever watchful parent. His mouth is open because he is yelling at me. He’s probably trying to figure out what this creature is with the weird contraption by its head._mg_6746_001_mg_6762_001

This is one of the babies._mg_6755_001_mg_6750_001

The garden is doing well; we harvested some skapes and kale._mg_6801_001_mg_6809_001

Peas are doing great, and cucumbers are up! The thought of fresh cucumbers makes my mouth water.


One bigger thing that happened recently on the farm was that we took down our Maple tree in front of the house.

Here it is.img_6237_001

Here it isn’t.img_7004_001

Two reasons for removing the tree: First, it was damaging this pine tree. Second, and most importantly, it was damaging the house.img_7012_001img_7014_001

Some random sheep photos.

This ewe gave us one of our most beautiful fleeces this yearimg_6961_001


Rania’s ram lamb. My little photogenic boy.img_6960_001img_6953_001

You can tell they were just moved to new pasture; all their heads are to the groundimg_6941_001img_6949_001


Josephina’s ram lamb.img_6969_001

Enjoying the apple tree.img_6972_001

Adah’s ewe.img_6983_001