Cold Snap.

Well, we survived the cold snap and are now enjoying this nice balmy 40 degree weather. It has been such a nice reprieve after 40 bellow zero with wind chill. Makes me wish for rain showers, digging in the dirt, and baby lambs. Of course, I really can’t complain about the cold; it gives us an opportunity to slow down and catch our breath.

Here are just a few pictures ( well…. that may be a stretch; whenever I am done posting, it never seems to be just a few pictures ) of the cold snap as it was coming in.img_2231_001I am not sure how this little guy is staying warm.img_2183_001Cloe, braving the bitter cold with me.img_2211_001img_2247_001Coming down for feeding.img_2260_001img_2262_001img_2266_001Elaine petting Raina.img_2267_001img_2269_001Elaine and Mercy.img_2277_001img_2278_001img_2286_001img_2289_001I really like this shot.img_2293_001img_2303_001Contentedly chowing down on supper.c


Like I said, just a few photos. ;)


Good-by, good-by to Summer! For Summer’s nearly done; The garden smiling faintly, Cool breezes in the sun. (from “Robin Redbreast” by William Allingham)

With fall here things are starting to slow down, become still…peaceful. Most of the lambs are gone now, the garden is done, grass has stopped growing, the air has lost almost all of its warmth, the trees are only orange and brown, and there is a coating of frost on the ground every morning…yup winter is coming.

The 2014 garlic bed.img_1157_001

The blueberry patch getting protection from the rabbits who feed on them through the winter, and clearing out unsuccessful raspberries for more blueberry plants in the spring.img_1158_001

Our poor peas, struggling to survive the heavy frosts.img_1259_001img_1264_001


Doesn’t she have the sweetest face?img_1229_001img_1256_001img_1208_001img_1204_001


It is getting close to the time when we separate out our breeding groups.

These are the three rams we will be using this year.

This is Blue. He has such wonderfully, big (blue faced) ears that look so adorable on his lambs.img_9336_001img_9351_001

Woody. He is also a blue face like Blue, but he has a much more stocky and compact build. We are very blessed to have such sweet rams.img_9345_001img_9373_001

And Martinique, the majestic one. While the two blue faced need higher quality grass to maintain body condition, this guy has gotten fat on junk.img_9328_001

Doesn’t he look like he was made to be standing on the rugged shores of the Shetland Islands? img_9338_001

Foggy morning.

It is so beautiful to take walks when it is foggy out. There is a soft look to the air that gives you such a peaceful feeling.

Peas reaching…growing; the freshness makes your mouth water at the thought of peas.img_9065_001

We still have dill! It just keeps growing and growing and growing.img_9075_001img_9086_001Raina.img_9089_001img_9105_001

One of our sweetest and gentlest mamas. She even looks sweet. ;) img_9111_001Peace & contentment. img_9172_001Lambs separated for processing.img_9175_001img_9155_001