A post….finally

I was looking at the blog the other day, and I realized it has been four months since our last post. Four months! Because of the limited light of winter and my job, I have not gotten out very much and taken any pictures lately. But really, I guess I am just making excuses.

The farm feels very still right now…peaceful. Probably the one thing that I really like about winter. I won’t to go through the detail’s of doing chores in cold, bitter weather, slogging though snow, because really, who likes to hear about that. Instead I will give you a beautiful promise of spring and new life.

Last spring I was wandering the pastures and discovered that one of our Shetland ewes (Josephina) was giving birth, and I was able to capture some of it on video. I hope it brings warmth and color to these cold, blank and sometimes dismal days of winter.

This all happened in about ten minutes. Enjoy :)

Sweet Little Lambs

These pictures are a few weeks old now, but I thought they were adorable, and I wanted to share them :) may_7_2_018_001may_7_2_102_001may_7_2_107_001may_7_2_113_001Though I do love the awkward, gangliness of the Blue-faced lambs with their dumbo ears…I think I still prefer the sturdy, compact, little bodies of the Shetlands with their precious, little noses.may_7_2_116_001may_7_2_153_001may_7_2_157_001may_7_2_165_001

Crutching ewes.

With April approaching Dad crutched the ewes in preparation for lambing to start. Crutching refers to the shearing of the wool from around the tail and between the rear legs of the ewes just before lambing to keep the wool cleaner after lambing so as to help prevent the possibility of maggots. We also clean up the wool on the ewes belly and around the udder to make the process of starting to nurse a little easier for the newborn lambs.

Lambing!! The thought of it makes my ears long to hear the sound of baby lambs calling and the echoing responses of the mama’s.

Daddy, hard at work.img_8080_001img_8073_001img_8082_001img_8059_001May the lambs start coming.


Warming up

The birds are singing, the temperatures are fluctuating, the breeze is warmer….spring is coming!!! Now that it is getting warmer, I am able to go out and take a few pictures without my fingers freezing off.

Here are some that I took when we had our first warm up.img_3565_001This winter Matthew took over taking care of the ewes because he is able to drive the four wheeler every day is energetic and hard working (he really is :) ).img_3572_001img_3576_001img_3587_001img_3604_001img_3618_001img_3629_001img_3635_001Our ever present companion when we are up in the fields.img_3646_001img_3599_001img_3662_001img_3658_001img_3680_001Morning light makes everything look lovely.img_3650_001