Last of the lambs.

All the ewes have lambed now. Raina and Tirzah were the last two ewes to lamb.

Raina and her lamb. He is the most photogenic of all the lambs I have tried photographing. All his pictures look absolutely adorable.img_5365_001img_5456_001img_5455_001

This year we have so many lambs playing on there moms like this. Normally there are none. It is not really good on the fleece when they do this, but it is really cute.img_5813_001img_5815_001img_5466_001

These are Tirzah’s, (you can see her in the background of this picture) and this is her ram.img_5831_001img_5829_001

Tirzah’s ewe. Elaine really likes her little white ears.img_5833_001img_5912_001img_5983_001img_5978_001